Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sweet Baby

Dear Baby Bear,

You are lying beside me, sleeping on your Daddy's chest. You were both so exhausted. The summer has been hot and humid and though you love the outdoors, it tires you out. As always, I just want to stare at you. You, my Baby Bear, the most precious gift I have ever received.

Speaking of gifts, it was my birthday this week. It was, by far the most wonderful birthday I have ever had. We had a simple day, simply perfect. You and your Daddy secretly made me breakfast in bed while I slept. When the two of you woke me, I smiled so much my cheeks hurt. I kept looking at the two of you and wondering - could this be real! Could my life have come to this - to this place of utter bliss and contentment? The only birthday wish I could think of, the one that ran through my mind all day, was if only I could freeze this moment in time. This moment with your precious tininess, with our amazement at your every breath and movement, with the deep love the three of us share - our little family is exploding with it.

But all things change, as you will learn, and watching you grow is incredible. Yesterday, for the first time, we had a long play session. We sang together (Eensy Weensy Spider & Open Shut Them) we read a book (What Do You Do With An Idea?) we played on your play-mat, and in between you smiled, we cuddled, and I watched in amazement as you grew before my eyes. We went to see your doctor last week (we love him) and he was so thrilled and impressed by your growth. He couldn't get over how long you had gotten.

Your Daddy and I are so proud of you. Proud of everything you do - of the way you communicate your needs to us, of the way you help us get to know you. You have a loud, strong cry. You always let us know when something is wrong. You are a great cuddler. You have just begun to smile and it makes our hearts melt when we see it. Baby Bear, I could never explain to you, though I will always try, how much I love you.

I am overwhelmed with love for you, little one,

Your Mama