Friday, November 1, 2013

Tea With the Queen

Dear Sesame Seed,

Oh, my sweet Baby! How can I describe how much your Mama loves you? Sweet, tiny little you. You gave us the biggest scare yesterday, but also a sweet surprise.

When I started to feel a strange kind of pain yesterday, I was so scared that you weren't ok. I knew that I loved you before, but Baby, I could never have imagined how much it would shock and hurt me to think you might be in danger. After a series of attempts to just be calm and zen through the pain, we went to see a doctor about it, in the hospital. Your Daddy was such a champ about it. Supporting me, staying up till all hours of the night waiting for an answer.

When the doctor told us we were going to need an ultrasound we were scared, but also excited. It would mean we'd get to see you! And Sesame Seed, it was such a gift. With Daddy holding my hand the whole time, we watched you appear on the screen. Baby, there are no words for how wonderful it was to see you, to know that you are ok. I don't think you liked the scrutiny much. You wiggled and danced (Daddy says you dance like me, when I am rocking out in the kitchen) and squirmed. You crossed your legs, like you were having tea with the queen, and you brought your hands to your face, maybe to suck your thumb? And you were just so perfect.

After that, Daddy was just brimming with excitement and joy. All the stress was a bit too much for me, but he was in awe of you. All the way home, he talked about how amazing it had been to see you for the first time.

Baby, you are the greatest gift to your Mama and Daddy. We love you so much. Please, please, continue to be healthy and strong for us. And we will be healthy and strong and loving for you.

I already love you, little one,

Your Mama

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