Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From Daddy

Dear little sesame seed, 

You are getting so much bigger than a sesame seed - your mommas belly is hugeamongous! Oh, by the way, this is your daddy. Your momma asked me to write a little love note to you so here it is. 

I made you a little friend that I'm so excited for you to meet. He is a stuffed animal, I gave him the name Izzy but you can choose a different one if you want. He's all yours and you can decide. I hope you'll like him. He's not like every other animal friend - he looks a little funny, his mouth is lopsided, his eyes are buttons, and his body is a wonky shape. I made him with my own hands for you. 

Baby, your momma and I are so excited for you to come and we spend a lot of time making things for you with our hands. We want everything you see and sleep on and play with to be made with so much love. We want every stitch on every toy to be sewn with so much love. We want your life to be filled with strange, funny toys that are creative and colorful so you grow up knowing that life is filled with strange, funny things that you can play an active role in creating. 

So you have Izzy. And your momma has made the most beautiful quilts. And I upholstered (that means, I made the cushions for) the glider that your momma will sit on while she holds you and feeds you at night. You won't notice things like that because you are just a sweet, wonderful baby who doesn't care about things like that. But I think you'll know. I think you'll notice how silly Izzy is and it will help you to be silly too.

I can't wait for you to drool all over Izzy and throw him on the floor. He's just waiting around for it. 

See you sooner than you know! 

your daddy

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