Friday, May 16, 2014

An Invitation

Dear Sesame Seed,

The day of your birth is drawing so close. Every single night I go to bed thinking, maybe tonight I will wake up in labor? And every morning I wake up thinking, maybe today will be your birth-day? Your Daddy and I keep on talking to you, telling you how excited we are for you to be here. We've been telling you about all the exciting plans we make and how we want you to join us for them. We've been telling you about all the ways we can show you our love when you are on the outside. Of course, we know you will choose the right time for your birth. It's your call, my Baby, but we are ever so anxious to meet you.

Everyone else, everyone who already loves you, is also excited and anxious. So many people are sending you love and strength for the big adventure we have ahead of us. And it will be quite and adventure! I want you to know, my Baby, that we are partners for this big day to come. It might be a little scary, and it is certain to be hard, but Baby, we are going to work together. I already see how strong you are, from the way you kick and move about, and I know your strength will help me. I want you to know that I am strong too. My desire to hold you in my arms will guide me to bring you into the world, and I would do anything to bring us together. If it's scary for you, as you push through the birth canal, as you enter a world of brights lights and harsh noises, know that your Daddy and I are here, on the other side, waiting to bring you comfort. We will hold you tight, we will sing to you softly, and we will make sure you know how much you are loved.

Sweet One, you are everything I've ever wanted. I cannot wait to kiss your sweet face, to breathe your smell, and to share with you all the love I have to give. Please, my Baby Love, come to us soon.

I already love you, little one,

Your Mama

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