Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Bump

Dear Sesame Seed,

I think I can detect a slight bump in my belly, where you are making room for yourself in my body. Baby, I am so excited to have a bit of physical proof that you are really there.

Yesterday, our dear friends T and N surprised us with a quick visit. Baby, I am so excited for you to meet T and for him to meet you! T is almost six years old, and he has been special to your Mama since he was just the tiniest baby. Your Daddy and T also have a special bond. I realized when looking at T, when watching him jump on Daddy's lap, or snuggle up with me for a story, how much our hearts are full with our love for him. He has wiggled around in our hearts so much that I think he made them twice their original size. And here's where I realized how true it is, that we have this limitless ability to love - it never runs out, our hearts just grow bigger to accommodate it.

I wonder if my real baby bump is not so much in my belly, but in my heart, where you are already wiggling around and making some space for yourself. You are teaching your Mama to open up a bit more, and make room in my heart for you.

I already love you, little one,

Your Mama

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