Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Friends Already

Dear Sesame Seed,

Last night, we went to your cousin Y's Birthday Party. While there I found out that your Aunt T is expecting. Baby, that means that you are going to have a cousin just about your age! The whole evening I couldn't help watching all your little cousins play together. I have always loved the connections they build with each other and I know how much they treasure each others friendships. I am so happy that you will have a cousin like that.

Along with your cousin-to-be, our dear friends R&M just had a baby girl this week. You two will be just a few months apart, and I can't wait to watch you play together when we visit them.

In other news, you are now about the size of a blueberry! We are so excited about you that we just can't keep a secret. We weren't planning on telling anyone for another month or so, but it seems to leak out sometimes. We are just so in love!

Sesame Seed, you are doing the funniest thing to your Mama. All of a sudden, I have no interest in sweet foods. Daddy pointed out that my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's (also my favorite ice cream) has been sitting in the freezer for weeks, which is a first. I have no interest in chocolate, juice tastes overly sweet and candies seem like a strange idea. We started calling you our savory baby. Actually, I love it because it means that I am eating more healthful and wholesome foods, which will be better for your growth. Again, I am amazed at how you communicate with me.

I already love you, little one,

Your Mama

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