Monday, October 21, 2013

Introducing....the Grandparents!

Dear Sesame Seed,

This past week has been an eventful one for your larger family. We decided it was time to tell them about you! The most exciting thing was telling your grandparents, Daddy's Mom and Dad. You are going to be their very first grandchild, and Baby, they were so surprised! Of course, they are also so excited.

Sesame Seed, I want to tell you a bit about your grandparents, because I am excited for you to meet them too. Your Grandma, Daddy's Mom, is such a wonderful person. She is full of compassion for others and has worked her whole life to support others who need help and advocacy. She taught students with special needs, she helps women in tough situations, and she is constantly reaching out her hand to others. She is always patient and forgiving. She is also full of adventure and I have yet to see something that scares or daunts her. She loves to travel and will try almost anything she is curious about. When asked to do something that she is not proficient at, she sets her mind to the goal and always gives it her full and dedicated efforts. I look forward to you meeting your Grandma and learning about compassion, fearlessness and spunk.

Your Grandpa, Daddy's Dad, is thrilled that you are joining the family. He loves children and is always ready to play and be silly when there are kids around. Recently, he started learning acting and it is amazing to see someone pick up a new hobby after years of watching from the audience. Speaking of, your Grandpa loves plays and movies, and I am sure he is already compiling a list of all the things he wants to show you. He loves to share the things he finds funny and interesting with others. Your Grandpa has a strong sense of loyalty to his family, and is always encouraging his children to stay in touch with each other and their cousins. I look forward to you meeting your Grandpa and sharing jokes, games and good times with him.

Maybe by the next time I write to you, I will have told your other set of grandparents, my parents. There is so much to tell you about them, but that will wait. Right now, my sweet Baby, I am so glad to be holding you close inside my body. Although I am excited to have you meet the rest of your family and our friends, I am glad for this time that is just ours. I feel so lucky to be the one to hold you in this way.

I already love you, little one,

Your Mama

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